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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts

A contract of employment is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee which sets out the terms on which the employee is or will be employed.  Employees are entitled by law to have a written statement of certain terms of employment within two months of their employment starting, but it is advisable to have agreed written terms in place before employment starts.

We advise both employers and employees on all aspects of employment contracts, including:

  • Drafting employment contracts and employee handbooks and policies
  • Reviewing existing contract for any amendments required as a result of changes to the law
  • Advising on the enforceability or otherwise of restrictive covenants, confidentiality provisions and other post-termination provisions
  • Interpretation of terms, both express and implied
  • Changing terms during employment
  • Disputes arising both during employment and on its termination

Navigating the intricacies of employment contracts can be challenging. As an employer, you need a solid contract that protects your business. As an employee, you need to ensure your rights are safeguarded.

Let us ensure your employment contracts are legally sound, and your rights respected. Contact us today by filling out the form below or calling 01865 338037

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